I have been involved with a number of multimedia documentary projects on a huge variety of themes. I have a deep appreciation for the story telling aspects the multiple media elements can contribute, photos, videos, graphics and more. First as a student and coach at University of North Carolina, then as a multimedia producer for La Tercera, and now as a freelancer, I am fortunate enough to continue examining topics in depth using my multimedia skills.

Whole Hog from Powering a Nation

Todos los detalles: El megaproyecto HidroAysén

I was co-producer on Whole Hog, the sixth year of Powering a Nation from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This project sheds light on the energy dynamics within the hog industry in North Carolina. It explores the complex set of relationships among those with an economic, environmental, cultural and political stake in the industry. It is a multimedia telling of human stories behind the facts of the hog industry. Using video and interactive storytelling, “Todos los detalles: El megaproyecto HidroAysén” examines the proposal for and the controversy surrounding a massive dam project that would harness the energy of two major rivers in Chilean Patagonia. After years of discussion and protests, the project was cancelled by the Chilean Government earlier this year. [Note, due to changes in La Tercera's video servers, videos are no longer available within the project.]

27/F El terremoto que enluto el bicentenario

Santiago Panoramas

For the first anniversary of the tremendous earthquake and tsunami that struck Chile Feb. 27, 2010, La Tercera created a multimedia special. For the special, I produced a minute by minute interactive graphic, collaborating with infographic artist, Jesús Peréz. As well, I created a series of interactive images which showed scenes immediately after the natural disasters and then the same scenes a year later. Santiago Panoramas is a series of videos demonstrating the activities available to an individual in Santiago during the summer (when most people tend to leave the city for great lengths of time). The ideas were developed with the Santiago section editor and I produced, shot and edited all of the stories as well as put them together in HTML.

Una Mina por Dentro

Fundación Teletón: La Causa de Chile

Una Mina por Dentro explores a Chilean copper mine of the same size and type as that of Mina San Jose, in order to see what mines can do to protect their workers and why individuals chose to be miners. Includes a mixed media video speaking with a miner and the mine boss, gallery of photos showing the space beneath the earth and interactive graphic mapping out this particular mine and demonstrating its safety protocols. I developed the project, shot and edited the photos and video, and worked with infographic artist Paula Tala to develop the interactive. [Please note, due to changes in La Tercera's video servers, the video is no longer available within the project.] Fundación Teletón: la causa de Chile speaks with different generations of the the child emblematic of Chile beloved Teletón. A man who as a child participated in the first telethon, and the child who will be the symbolic child of the 2008 telethon. The project also looks, photographically at the rehabilitation work Fundación Teletón does for children with muscular skeletal disabilities. I produced the project, and shot and edited the videos and photos.[Please note, due to changes in the gallery system of La Tercera, the gallery no longer displays properly.]

Los intérpretes del Teatro del Lago

Historias de Terremoto

Looking for a way to cover the opening season of the Teatro del Lago in Frutillar, Chile. I worked with La Tercera’s music critic to decide which selections seemed the most promising of the upcoming season and I obtained music and permission for each photo and audio sample from the individual ensembles while Vicky Martinez designed and programed the project. As the audiovisual coach of the group of journalism students from the combined campuses of Santiago and Concepción of Universidad Desarrollo in Chile, I worked with a group of 14 students, 7 teams of two, from story development to the fine details of refining audio and correcting color, teaching them how to tell narratorless multimedia stories and helped them elevate their all around visual storytelling skills.

Powering a Nation

Reconstruyendo el Patrimonio Nacional

In the second year of Powering a Nation, UNC-Chapel Hill’s contribution to News 21, I served as a coach, helping guide the teams working on Nuclear Policies and Manufacturing Change find and refine their stories. As part of La Tercera‘s coverage of the bicentennial of Chile, I created a multimedia package detailing the destruction and the dialog on the reconstruction of the nation’s landmarks. I edited a mixed media video piece with original interviews and a collection of fotos by myself and using the archives of the paper’s photographer’s as well as images from the Consejo Nacional de Monumentos. I also created an interactive map with images showing the location of the country’s most damaged landmarks.

Donaciones: Chile Recibe Ayuda

El cambio que traerá la Línea 6

A multimedia package for La Tercera about the quantity of monetary aid received by Chile after the Feb. 27, 2010 earthquake and how much money would be needed to rebuild the country. I proposed the idea, researched the numbers, shot the panoramas of a Cuban field hospital and shot and edited the video demonstrating how that help was being imparted. A flipbook style video demonstrating the current route people have to take to reach Tobalaba from Pedro Aquirre Cerda done for La Tercera. This was accompanied by a flash graphic showing the length of time that trip takes to take and how long it will take once the new Santiago Metro line, Línea 6, is constructed. I put it all together in After Effects.

Los Desafíos que Deberán Enfrentar Los Candidatos: Segunda Parte

Los Desafíos que Deberán Enfrentar Los Candidatos: Primera Parte

Multimedia project for La Tercera using personal stories to explore some of the larger issues in the 2009 Chilean presidential elections – part 2 of 2. This part examined access for persons with disabilities, public transportation and access to housing. All video and photography is mine, and I was also responsible bringing all of the work into HTML. Multimedia project for La Tercera using personal stories to explore some of the larger issues in the 2009 Chilean presidential elections – part 1 of 2. This part explored education, the public health system, social security and crime. All video and photography is mine, and I was also responsible bringing all of the work into HTML.

Powering A Nation

Hope and Hardship on Tobacco Road

This project explores numerous different facets of energy consumption in the US. It is UNC-Chapel Hill’s contribution to the Carnegie and Knight Foundations’ News 21 journalism initiative. As photographer and videographer, I directed the team for Down the Lines, exploring the electrical grid and and contributed photography to Reclaiming Creation. A collection of 22 stories examining the impact of the economy on individuals in the Triangle Region of North Carolina, the work is the product of the documentary photography classes at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I coached the students involved in this project.

Facing Deportation

Special Olympics Live

Multimedia documentary project about the impact of North Carolina’s immigration policies on families in the state. Incorperating video, photos and infographics, this project was my Master’s Thesis at UNC-Chapel Hill. Its videos have been incorporated into a curriculum for high school students and church groups in North Carolina to help them understand and explore immigration issues in North Carolina. Multimedia documentary project telling stories of individual athletes and providing coverage of every athlete in every event to the 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games. I was a member of the 3 person documentary team producing daily documentaries about athletes from the Middle East and North Africa region.

Andaman Rising

Cape Fear to Down Here

Multimedia documentary looking at the revitalization of one of the regions hardest hit by the 2004 Asian Tsunami. Produced in Khao Lak, Thailand. Multimedia documentary project about the southeast coastal region of North Carolina.

Nuevas Fronteras

South of Here

Multimedia documentary project telling the stories of Latinos in North Carolina.
Bilingual multimedia documentary about Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia featuring photography, audio, video stories, 3D graphics and info-graphics.